About Us

As a Avrupa Cerrahi Proktology Center, we understand what the importance and value of health means. As the Avrupa Cerrahi Proktology Center, we adhere to the principle of the step-by-step distribution of high standards of medical care, starting in 2008. We always adhere to ethical standards, the principles of transparency and honesty, and an understanding of high-tech and fast service. We are proud that we are a class “A” proctology center, which allows us to implement operations non-surgical way without the use of narcosis and the need for hospitalization.

Accessible location and convenient transportation to our centres allow patients to easily get to our clinics in Istanbul from anywhere in the world, undergo examination and subsequent treatment using the latest laser equipment and servicing a professional team of medical workers.

The specialists of our center provide attentive and careful attitude, providing reliable, safe medical services in five proctological areas: Hemorrhoids, Pilonidal Sinus, Anal fissures, Anal fistula, Genital warts (HPV). We are proud of the distinctive feature of our medical center, which allows patients from the most remote parts of the country and the world to recover from the disease on the day of their arrival.

To our patients coming from abroad; We are pleased to be able to provide conditions for overcoming language barriers through Translators and patient’s Consultants working in the family of the Avrupa Cerrahi Proktology Center.

Our Mission

  • Provide quality professional care to patients by medical staff: smiling, responsive, ready to assist both patients and accompanying relatives.
  • We use our treatment methods using the most convenient and modern technologies to quickly restore the health of our patients.
  • With our modern, respectful and honest approach, we give our patients the opportunity to contact us at any time.
  • With our principle of unlimited service, we treat patients from all regions and countries, without the help of narcosis, without surgery and surgical treatment methods, without hospitalization and provide the ability to quickly restore health.

Our Vision

  • Throughout Turkey as the only name in the field of proctology, in the wider region in the world with our quality standards to deliver health care to our patients.
  • All patients find echo in Turkey as the first and only choice in the field of proctology their caregivers.
  • Being the best proctology and the only proctology center in Turkey that meets the highest international standards of quality of care for patients, expand its geography and help as many patients as possible
  • Based on the opinions of patients and their accompanying – the best and only opportunity in the treatment of proctologic diseases in Turkey.
  • As the European Surgical Medical Centre, to maintain the healthcare service as an exemplary institution in all respects to all health institutions.

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